Turkish Automobile Spare Parts Manufacturers and Suppliers

Turkish automobile spare parts, Turkey automobile spare parts manufacturers/suppliers and exporters directory. High quality automobile spare parts from Turkish suppliers, exporters and manufacturer companies in Turkey.

KAYA OTOMOTIV VE YEDEK PARCA LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s automotive spare parts, automobile spare parts, auto spare parts, auto spare part, kia spare parts, hyundai spare parts, toyota spare parts, suzuki spare parts, piaggio spare parts, commercial vehicle spare part, commercial vehicle parts, kia carnival spare parts, kia rio spare parts
AYFAR OTOMOTIV SAN. TIC. A.S.        Türkiye         
s auto spare parts, auto spare part, automobile spare parts, automobile spare part, automobile parts, commercial vehicles, passenger commercial vehicles, heavy commercial vehicles, buses, tractors, tractor, tractor lamps, tractor headlights, warning auto lamps, warning lamps, headlights, headlight, auto headlights, automobile headlights
YAR-ZEM OTOMOTIV SAN. TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s auto spare part, auto spare parts, automobile parts, automobile spare parts, automobile spare part, shock absorbers, auto shock absorber, auto disc clutch, disc coupling, ball bearing, auto filters, automobile filters, disk brake, auto disc brake, disc brake pad, auto disc brake pad, auto shafts, axle, automobile axle
ABDULKADIR OZCAN OTOMOTIV A.S.        Türkiye     Kadir Altuner    
s tire, wheel, car, vehicle, truck, wheel wheels, architecture, cold retrading, tires, transport, tire products, tire product, car tire, car tires, car tire products, car tire product, wheel tire, wheel tires, wheel tire products, wheel tire product, automobile spare part, automobile spare parts, auto spare parts, auto spare part, truck spare part, truck spare parts, truck part, truck parts, truck tire, truck tires, truck tire products, truck tire product
AKAYLAR OTOMOTIV TIC. VE SAN. LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s automobile spare parts, automobile spare part, auto spare parts, auto spare part, auto accessories, motor vehicle parts, motor vehicle spare parts, auto accessory, automobile accessories, automobile accessory, auto battery, automobile battery, auto accessory
DENA OTOMOTIV MUH. ELEKTRIK LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s automobile spare parts, automobile spare part, auto spare parts, auto spare part, vehicle spare parts, vehicle spare part, commercial vehicle spare parts, aftermarket products, air disc brake, disc brake, brake caliper, brake caliper repair kits, exhaust system, exhaust system spare parts, commercial vehicle parts
SPC OTOMOTIV TURIZM TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Ramazan Bas    
s automobile spare parts, automobile spare part, auto spare parts, auto spare part, automobile parts, auto air flow sensor, brake parts, mercedes sprinter chassis door roller, mercedes hydraulic clutch bearing, auto water pumps, shock absorbers, auto shafts, auto crank pulley, ford transit parts, ford transit crank pulley, volkswagen rear shift gear, volkswagen spare parts, ford turbocharger, transporter spare parts, ford heater resistor
OZTAS OTOMOTIV LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Engin ÖZDEMİR    
s auto filters, auto filter, automobile filters, automobile filter, air filters, oil filters, hydraulic filters, fuel filters, air conditioner filters, radial filters, auto spare part, auto spare parts, automobile parts, automobile spare parts, automobile spare part
ALCAN OTOMOTIV        Türkiye         
s auto spare part, auto spare parts, automobile parts, automobile spare parts, automobile spare part, brake disc, brake drum, auto brake disc systems, automobile brake disc, caliper repair kit, caliper systems, caliper roller bearings, caliper plastic cover, brake caliper lever
DITAS DOGAN YEDEK PARCA A.S.        Türkiye     Onur AKSARAY    
s auto spare part, automobile spare parts, tractor spare parts, heavy vehicle spare parts, heavy vehicle parts, construction equipment parts, heavy equipment parts, heavy equipment spare parts, tie rod, v-torque rod, rod end, idler arm, axial joint, pitman arm, drag link, ball joint, track control arm, torque rod, spare parts, wheeel cover, drive shaft, plastic injection, universal joint, propeller shaft parts, coupling, center bearing assy, shaft, motor, motors, engine, engines, motor part, mot, motorcycle parts, motor parts, auto accessories, plastic part, tractor parts, automobile spare part, tractor spare part, vehicle body, tractors, motorcycle part, automobile parts, auto care products, bonnet, engine oil, shaft spare parts, lube oil, motor spare parts, bonnet spare parts, vehicle body spare parts, engine lubricant, tractor, tractor part, auto care product, auto accessory, automobile part, auto consumable material, auto consumable materials, shaft parts, bike spare part, bike spare parts, body shell, vehicle body part, bonnet part, bonnet parts, body shell part, body shell parts, bike part, bike parts, shaft part, motor spare pat, shaft spare part, vehiche body parts, bonnet spare part, body shell spare part, body shell spare parts, vehicle body spare part
YILMAZ BARDAK MAKINE LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Can BARDAK    
s auto spare parts, automotive spare parts, vehicle spare parts, automobile spare parts, drum brakes, motor parts, chasis connection elements, machine parts, valves, water pumps, energy sector parts, cement industry joint heads, joint heads, bearings, connection heads, abrasive discs, rear frame, spring bracket, bracket, front left rear spring bracket, alternator mounting bracket, flange rings, pipe connection elements, aluminium flange rings, aluminium pipe connection elements
ENGIN ISIK OTOMOTIV LTD. STI.        Türkiye     İsa ALTIN    
s automatic doors, electric steps for cars, tiwi-box, automatic door, electric steps cars, car electric step, car electric steps, safety fuse, safety fuses, automobile spare parts, automobile spare part, auto spare part, auto spare parts, car spare part, car spare parts, disabled vehicle ramps, disabled vehicle ramp, door safety wired, door safety wireds, manual opening lever, manual opening levers, minibus sliding doors, caravan steps, bus sliding door
OPAS OTOMOTIV A.S.        Türkiye     F. Nurgül URAS    
s abs sensors, air condition compressors, air condition condansers, air condition filter, air condition filters, air flow meters (maf sensors), auto spare parts, automobile spare parts, automotive spare parts, camshaft, crankshaft, position sensors, car ignition coils, condensers, coolant sensor, coolant sensors, distributor cap, distributor caps, distributor parts, glow plug, glow plugs, ignition cable set, ignition cable sets, ignition coil, ignition coils, ignition module, ignition modules, air flow meters, vehicle spare parts, relay, relays, ignition wire sets, voltage regulators, voltage regulator, lambda sensors, radiator fan switch, oil pressure switch, reverse light switch, map sensors, map sensor, temperature switch, knock sensor, speed sensor, starter motors, starter motor, camshaft crankshaft sensors
KAPLANLILAR OTOMOTIV TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     İlyas AKIŞ    
s auto spare parts, automotive spare parts, automobile spare parts, vehicle spare parts, vehicle body parts, turbine exhaust gasket, suction brackets gaskets, turbine fixing gasket, gas linkage bmc, transmission gasket set, turbo hose cargo, turbo scroll caterpillar, cummins large turbine wet gasket, doblo suction fan garret type, transit westgate ford, exhaust gasket hi-ex, hino fan, hyundai assent cartridge, isuzu scroll, exhaust turbo scroll komatsu, landrover flame plate, mercedes turbo, exhaust, gasket, compressor, exhaust manifold gasket, turbocharger, cummins spare parts, scania spare parts, fan pulley, turbocharger parts, perkins spare parts, garret type suction fan  bmw, exhaust spiral, scania caterpillar turbine fixing gasket, cummins large turbine gasket, interc. daf air red hose, boxer turbine fixing crom ducato gasket, boxer turbine joints gasket, turbine fixing neck crom gasket, compressor buffer gasket, short gas linkage gasket, oil stick for fatih trucks, intercooler brackets spring ford, driver seat ford, transit turbo scroll ford, brake rubber boot straight, brake rubber boot, turbo parts, gear selector lower boot hi-ex, hino spare parts, hyundai westgate by-pass, iveco turbine buffer gasket, iveco buffer lid, gasket set, komatsu turbo scroll, landrover fan shaft, liber machine turbine fixing gasket, turbine fixing square gasket, man exhaust manifold, megastar turbo air hose, bus turbine buffer gasket, mercedes turbo scroll, safir prences tm set, safir prences fan shaft, int - neoplan air hose, exhaust parts, turbo, turbocharger shaft wheel, short exhaust stud, aluminum foil hose, deutz water pump, turbocharger anchor gasket chrome, bus red flat roterdam hose, turbo oil back turning narrow hose, turbo shaft, intercool air hose, driver cabine front wedge, inlet propeller, scania exhaust spiral piston ring, turbo body, air filter rubber, brake shock absorber rubber, flanged nut, gearbox wedge, valve rubber, sheat bush, transporter big plate exhaust gasket, exhaust spiral clamp chrome, bmc accelerator joint, bmc bus fan shaft, flat steel stop wire, accelerator wire, starter ring gear without gear, steel stop wire braided, small front engine wedge, engine big rear wedge, door handle with nut, front place eccentric head gasket, bush set, cabin gear shift below, cardridge shell
ALP PLASTIK OTO YEDEK PARCA LTD. STI.        Türkiye     alpaslan bayraktar    
s automotive spare parts, automobile spare parts, vehicle spare parts, auto spare parts, auto plastic spare parts, connect trim clips, crankcase of cap stamps, door lock, door lock short spring, door rail bottom handle, fender mounting clips, front motor cover audi, front plastic kit audi, front right plastic fabia, fuel tank cover, headlight adjustment clips, interior flooring clips, lever skid pulley, mirror control repair kit, paddle box, ranger headlight setting, rear of front paddle box, automotive plastic spare parts, automobile plastic spare parts, vehicle plastic spare parts, auto metal spare parts, automotive metal spare parts, automobile metal spare parts, vehicle metal spare parts, front pulley golf, motor gear fabia, window lever cable, window lever cable kit, front window lever cable, front window lever cable kit, universal tors, universal connection clips, universal shield connection clips, hood isolator kits, universal paddle box kits, front panel clips, shield clips passat, transporter flooring clips, door repair kit, door lock channel secman, door lock long spring, unchanneled secman, small sleevers cover, headlight setting clips, radiator connection foot, motor oil cover, universal motor engine gear, window engine cover, front lever panel, door hand ibiza, zinc alloy contacts, door locks zinc, window compression plastic, window corner skid cover plastic, sunroof repair kit, rim cover key kit, gray sunshade plastic, bumper towed cover, universal rim key kit, hood open rod, window lever pulley accor, universal door flooring clips, universal flooring clips, connect lath clips, center door handle pin, universal window compression plastic, screen gear, case screen gear, mirror control pin, window lever skid pulley, luggage lock spring, door lock switck, skid rotor plastic, right skid rotor plastic, left skid rotor plastic, window blance plastic, paddle box clips, lath clips, shutter clips, lath clips hat, crankcase housing screw, interior design clips, bumper clips, rear bumper clips, bumper retaining clips, tors clips, pannel clips, universal plastic nut, emblem clips, universal emblem clips, which clips, center door rail signs, window which clips, bumper clips short, bumper clips long, window nozzle distributor
MAKPARSAN END. OTOMOTIV LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Mehmet BİRCAN    
s truck spare parts, trailer spare parts, stub axle, ear cradle, bugi arm set, anterior ear, back stabbing, shear bearing, rear connection, bugi arm bushes, spare parts man, spare parts bmc, spare parts dev, spare parts kia, auto spare parts, spare parts ford, spare parts fiat, bugi arm bushings, volvo spare parts, iveco spare parts, dodge spare parts, cargo spare parts, parts isuzu spare parts, mixer spare parts, damper connection, cradle of pin flat, hat pin mitsubishi, spare parts scania, trailer connection, vehicle spare parts, tractor spare parts, as 600 back earring, renault spare parts, hyundai spare parts, magirus spare parts, rear connection bmc, behind the upper cap, spare parts mercedes, man truck parts, bmc yavuz spare parts, bmc fatih spare parts, bmc parts, automobile spare parts, automotive spare parts, spare parts mitsubishi, truck spare parts ford, front connection isuzu, land rover spare parts, rear earrings mercedes, back earrings mitsubishi, mitsubishi part, bedford spare parts, ford transit spare parts, dorse trailer connection, fiat spare parts, mercedes truck spare parts, ford cargo parts, scania parts
KECO GROUP        Hindistan     Rajiv Khullar    
s auto parts, heavy machine, machine spare parts, jewellery, automobile spare parts, other items, readymade garments, footwear
RAMTAS OTOMOTIV PAZ. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Recep DEMİRCİ    
s auto spare parts, automotive spare parts, wheel, wheels, automobile spare parts, vehicle spare parts, shaft, shaft bushing, lower arm materials, alternator, damper bases, rear shaft bushing, deck damper, brake lining, wheel nut, brackets, window winder sets, gaskets, clutch sets, inboard joints, steering boot, eccentric shaft, camshaft, cooling fan switch, hazard switch, brake hoses, back up lamp switch, heater plug, indoor joint blower, axle cap, wheel cover, cable tie, hood damper, oil plug, r, radiator, exhaust, timing belt, rotor, filters, door locks, bases, hoses, sensors, bearing, pump, clamp, insulate, glow plug, signal switch, magnetic switch, automotive industry, temperature switch, pan, distributors, adhesives, counter gear, water hoses, cranking motor, bobbin types, wheel nut plugs, plug sets, window winder motors, fuel lids, outboard joints, axle beams, steering repair kit, fan materials, headlamp lens, disk brake mirrors, brake materials, light buttons, heater blower motor, door strip, door lock systems, involutes and gear wheels, rubber mat, heater relays, electrical switch, hooter, starter collectors, fuel filter valves, engine mounts, various auto spare parts, sensor types, alignment materials, radiator tank, fuse types, wiperblade, wiper arm, fog lamp sets, stop signals, washer pump, transmission spare parts, transmission mount, bumper bracket, bumper grille, distributor motor, cam belt, sihft rod, oil dipstick casing, oil switch, oil pump types, transmission box, transmission assembly
MACAN OTOMOTIV SAN. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Mujdat UYSALCAN    
s auto, auto spare, auto spares, auto spares part, auto spares parts, car spare parts, car spare part, car parts, car part, automobile spare parts, automobile spare part, automobile part, automobile parts, car, cars, automobiles, automobile, autocar spare part, autocar spare parts, auto accessories, auto accessory, car accessories, car accessory, automobile accessories, automobile accessory, autocar accessories, autocar accessory, auto accessory
POVER PLASTIK VE OTOMOTIV A.S.        Türkiye     Mehmet TORUN    
s automobile spare parts, cable spool, car spare parts, expansion tank, expansion vessels, fan blade, injection, injection molding, oil pan, plastic blowings, plastic blowing, plastic box, plastic injection molding, spare part, spare parts, spool, webasto tank, webasto tanks, welding spool, automotive spare parts, plastic injection moulding, auto spare parts, plastic injection, spare parts car, spare parts of car, fan blades, water expansion tank, water expansion tanks, oil pans, webasto tank manaufacturer, cable spools, moulding injection, plastic for injection molding, plastic molding injection, plastic injection mouldings, spare part manuifacturer